Online Bookings

Halaxy Classic's online bookings enable you to grow and promote your practice to new patients and referrers through Halaxy Classic's directory, and also allow patients to book directly with you from your website. With the options of time-specific and request-based online bookings processes, Halaxy Classic gives you complete flexibility to set different preferences for each practitioner at each practice location within your practice. After you have confirmed an online booking, there is nothing more you need to do as the appointment is handled in the same way as any other appointment.

Enabling your directory profile and setting your online bookings preferences

Main article: Making your directory profile public and Online bookings preferences

You can set your directory profile to be public on your Personal Details page and then enable online booking preferences for each practitioner at each location in your practice. You have the flexibility to choose between two types of online bookings:

  1. Direct/time-specific: where patients book directly into your diary at a particular time; and
  2. Request-based: where the patient selects three days and time slots - e.g. 1 April, morning - and you confirm the specific appointment time.

You can allow patients to book from either your directory profile or on your website through a booking button that links to your directory profile or an embedded online booking calendar.

Go to your directory preferences to obtain the direct link to your directory profile, and to obtain the code to give to your website developer to create the direct link between your website and your online bookings service.

How online bookings work

Patients can book online with you either by:

  1. Finding your directory profile in the Halaxy Classic directory and making a booking;
  2. Clicking the Book Now button on your website to access your directory profile and make a booking; or
  3. Making a booking in your online booking calendar that is embedded on your website.

The two types of online bookings processes

Patients can then book online with you in one of two ways depending on your online booking preferences:

  1. Time-specific, where the patient is shown which specific times are available on which specific days and selects their preferred time; and
  2. Request-based, where the patient selects their preference (e.g. 1 April, morning) and the request is sent through to you for you to confirm.

Time-specific appointments allow patients to make their own appointments directly into your diary. Request-based appointments provide you with direct control over your diary and ensure your professional privacy. Halaxy Classic gives you the flexibility to set different online booking preferences for existing patients and for new patients.

After the patient has selected the service (only required if fees are public), they can choose a time or time period. The patient then enters their details - i.e. their name, email address and phone number.

Setting minimum times when appointments can be made

You can set the minimum time before which that appointments can be made in the Appointment Status field, in order to manage your diary and avoid last-minute appointments.

For example, if you set 24 hours as your minimum, no appointments can be made within 24 hours of the current time. By choosing anytime, appointments can be booked right up to the time of the appointment.

You can also set buffer times between your appointments in the Appointment Status field. You can choose as much time as you need between patients, so that you don't run over time. For example, if you have a 50 minute appointment at 9:00am and have a 10 minute buffer time, the next appointment cannot be made at 9:50am (when the previous appointment finishes), but can be made at 10:00am.

Patient verification

Before an online booking is sent to you, the patient is verified for security, confidentiality and medical ethics purposes.

After the selects the time or time period of the appointment and enters their contact details, the patient is immediately sent a verification code by text message which they must enter into the Verification Field code. If the verification code is entered correctly, the booking is sent through to you and the patient receive confirmation via email that their online booking or request has been sent to you. If the verification code is entered incorrectly, the patient can request that the verification code is resent and they can re-enter it.

If the patient's name, email address and phone number match a patient profile in your Patient List, the patient only needs to be verified the first time that they make an online booking and never need be verified again; patients without a matching patient name, email address and phone number must complete the verification each time they make an online booking.

Deposit and payment processing (optional)

If you enable your online booking preferences to require a deposit, full payment or credit/debit card details from patients when they make an online booking with you, patients must select the fee for the appointment, and enter their card details. Based on your preferences, the following occurs:

Online bookings payments and deposit actions
Preference Description
Full payment required Payment for the full amount of the appointment fee is processed immediately
Deposit required Payment for the deposit percentage that you specified in your preferences is processed immediately
Card capture (credit/debit card details) The patients' card details are captured (so you can process or take the payment at the time of the actual appointment) but no payment or deposit is processed immediately

Accepting online bookings

Online booking notifications

When a patient has made or requested an online booking, you are notified in three ways:

  1. The green Notifications button appears on your dashboard and on your calendar next to your login toggle - you can see the online booking details by clicking the Notifications button;
  2. By email or SMS if you have enabled SMS or email online booking notifications; and/or
  3. On your calendar at the appointment time for time-specific online bookings.

Click on the green Notification button to view and accept bookings. You can see:

  • The patient's name, which you can click on to go to their patient profile;
  • The booking time or requested time of the booking, which you can click to go to the appointment on your calendar and complete the appointment;
  • The patient status - e.g. whether they have been matched to or verified as an existing patient; and
  • Any notes from the patient about the appointment.
  • Notification actions - i.e. Dismiss to remove the booking from your Notifications list, or for request-based appointments, tick to accept the appointment time that your software has chosen based on the patient's online booking time slot requests and your availability.

Online booking requests continue to be included on your Notifications lists even after you have made the appointment, and you can remove the online booking or request from your Notifications list by clicking the Dismiss icon.

Completing online bookings

Time-specific online bookings are shown in green on your calendar at the time that your patient selected, as well as in your Notifications. For request-based online bookings, your software automatically selects the appointment time that best fits the patient's request - you can confirm the specific time by clicking the Tick icon on the Notifications form or by completing the online booking.

Click the time of the booking to complete the booking - i.e.:

  • to set the fee, by clicking the orange No Invoice button;
  • Confirm the appointment time; and
  • Save the appointment, which creates the appointment in your calendar.

Changing, cancelling and deleting online bookings

After an online booking has been made, the appointment and reminders/notifications are treated the same as any other appointment booking. Therefore you can:

  • Change the time of the appointment: by dragging and dropping the appointment to the new time, or by clicking the appointment on the calendar and manually changing the time of the appointment.
  • Change other appointment details: by clicking the appointment on the calendar to edit other appointment details, such as by adding or removing patients or fees, or changing appointment locations; and
  • Cancel or delete the appointment: by clicking the Cancel icon at the top right of the appointment and following the prompts to delete or cancel the appointment.