Edit fee

You can use the Edit Fee page to change which fee is used on an invoice, or to change the fee amount for this invoice without changing any other details of the fee for this invoice and without permanently changing any details on your Fee List.

Changing the fee

To change the fee, delete the fee from the Fee field and start typing the name of the new fee. If the fee is in your Fee List, select the fee from the list of fees that appear below the Fee field. If the fee is a new fee and not in your fee list, it will be added to your Fee List. This form is also used when you want to add another fee to the invoice in addition to the existing invoice.

Changing the fee amount for this invoice

In situations where you would like to increase or decrease the fee amount for this particular invoice for this particular patient without changing the fee amount for any other invoice, enter the new fee into the Amount field and make any changes required to the Tax field. The fee amount is then changed for this invoice without affecting any other fees or invoices.