Adding tool questions

Tool questions

Creating questions, which you can use on questionnaires, intake forms, assessment forms and other patient diagnostic tools is a powerful means of gathering information about your patients. By creating the questions, you can use them across your different clinical tools. Your questions can be used across multiple templates, giving you significant time savings. Using these questions in your clinical notes, also means you can track the health of your patients for a clinical overview, providing you with powerful data to help you care for your patients.

You can create questions in two ways:

  1. From the Settings page: click the Edit icon to right of Template questions.
  2. When you create a tool: click the Add another question button, start typing your question and select to add it as a new template question.

Adding a new question

Adding a data set to a question

From Template Questions, you can add new questions by clicking the Add Question button on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Enter the question in the Question / Title field. If a similar question is already listed in your list (e.g. if you are wanting to copy some details of an existing question) or is listed in Halaxy Classic's question database, you can copy it to your list. All the details are pre-populated in the form for you to review. All you need to do is make any changes required (e.g. the description) and click Save. The question is then saved to your list.

If the question is not in your list or in Halaxy Classic's question database, add the details below:

  • Question / Title: the question that appears on the form; select the question from your existing or Halaxy Classic's preset questions if it is listed; if the question is not listed, add it to your List
  • Answer Type: choose the type of data that will be entered; this can be either free text, single choice, multiple choice, annotatable drawing/image, numeric value or date/ time
  • Display Type: for each answer type there is a corresponding display type, including radio button, dropdown, slider, checkbox, inline text editor (allows editing and formatting), image selection etc.
  • Measurement: For answers with numeric or decimal value, choose the type of measurement, including kilogram, pound and centimetre. For these questions, a time stamp appears when the clinical note is chosen so that you can record when the measurement is taken.
  • Data Set: choose from Halaxy Classic's pre-defined set of answers or create your own; these are only used for single or multiple choice answers. Data sets can be used different questions. For example:
    • Relationship status including married, single, de-facto, divorced etc.
    • Frequency including daily, weekly, monthly etc.
  • Sub text: you can include further information or instructions to help answer the question
  • Add answer option: add your own type of answer and corresponding score
  • Mandatory: select whether the question is optional
  • Used in templates: If this question is used in other templates, they will be listed here. Clicking on the link will take you to the tool with that question.

If choosing an annotatable drawing/image, you can select your own image or chose one from Halaxy Classic's library. Images should be valid formats including: .jpg, .png, .gif or .jpeg.